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Beautiful Radiators is a
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One of America’s Most Trusted
Manufacturers (Since 1934!)
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Register Covers

Beautiful Radiators manufactures custom register covers for walls and ceilings. Like our radiator enclosures, they will help lower your home heating costs while keeping you comfortable all winter long. Our register covers work by channeling heat so that it’s distributed evenly, where it’s needed – and never wasted. They also have the same lasting good looks as our radiator enclosures, so they perfectly complement your rooms and furnishings. register covers are custom manufactured, then pretreated and powder-coated in one of six colors. Our powder coating creates a finish that is decorative, resilient and long-lasting – and far superior to ordinary enamel paint. offers three styles of register covers. offers three styles of register covers.

As a manufacturer with more than 45 years experience providing heating-related products to consumers and businesses, we know there are many different reasons people decide to buy these products – and to buy from us.

Some tell us because we make it easy, with lots of choices, and helpful, personal assistance on the phone. (No annoying "press 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8" here!)

Others tell us they need a quick way to brighten or update a room, or to make a room safer for small children by eliminating the burn hazard of a bare hot radiator. As each winter approaches, customers buy our enclosures and covers because they can save on their heating bills by preventing heat from being wasted.

One customer bought an enclosure for her dining room to cover her radiators and to create a flat, easy-to-clean surface she could use as a food warmer for parties!

The fact that we are the only major manufacturer of enclosures and register covers where you can buy direct from the factory is one major reason customers tell us they buy from us.

But even though we have 45 years experience making custom radiator enclosures and register covers, there's one reason we had not heard until recently. It was reported by a woman in New York City, whose home was in a lovely 330+ unit apartment. It was historical, and elegant. And it had always had . . . mice.

Despite the best efforts of apartment management, a few mice lived happily in the bowels of the building, occasionally appearing . . . on the other side of residents' in-wall register covers and cold air returns.

Our customer wanted to prevent the mice from entering her apartment. And she wanted to protect her small children from the danger of a mouse bite!

She ordered two register covers – one each for her in-wall heating ducts, and cold air return. Our register covers are what the industry calls "pencil-proof," with vertical openings sufficiently close together that you can't slip a pencil – or a finger – through. We powder coated them to match her decor, and she tells us they look great. They keep the mice out, the children in, and everyone is safe and happy.


Register Covers by BR

BR's Register Covers

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