Measure - and Order - in Just a Few Minutes!

STEP 2: Measure your Radiator

(Please read our “How to Measure” page for easy instructions). Then, use this chart to find the correct height range in inches, then the length you need. Standard enclosure prices are for any depth from 5 inches to 14 inches.

STEP 3: Select your radiator's dimensions

Radiator Height is:
Radiator Length is:
  Important: If your radiator
length is longer than specified
above please call us at -
Phone: (513) 385-0555.
Radiator Depth is:

STEP 4: Select a color

STEP 5: Purchase Custom Color

Purchasing a custom color is a one time fee that is applied to your entire order. If you have already purchased the custom color then simply select the Already Purchased option below to have your color applied to the radiator enclosure.

TEP 6: Select grill style

STEP 7: Select Corner Style (Optional)

STEP 8: Do you need any levelers? (Optional)

Old homes often have hardwood, stone, ceramic tile, marble or slate floors that are not completely level. Our levelers adjust your specific enclosure for a perfect fit. Leveler screws provide 1 1/4" adjustment.

STEP 9: Add an insulated Top (Optional)

An insulated top gives your enclosure maximum versatility. A thick layer of Thermax insulation allows you to put plants and other heat-sensitive items on your enclosure.

Please note: an insulated top adds 1/2" to the total height of your enclosure.

STEP 10: Add a galvanized steel humidifier pan (Optional)

A humidifier pan, customized to your enclosure, is the easiest way to raise humidity on the coldest days. The galvanized steel we use is protected by a layer of zinc coating to prevent corrosion.

STEP 11: Do you need a Cut Out? (Optional)

STEP 12: Do you need a (hinged) Access Door?

If your radiator valve is at floor level, we recommend an access door for enclosures that are more than 29 inches high. To order, indicate the location of the access door you want when viewing from the front by writing a short note in the box on the next screen, telling us where to locate the center of the door. Of course, you can always call us at 800-543-7040 if you have questions - ask for Ed or Pam. Access doors are custom-cut to your enclosure, and can be on the top, front, or either side. Door dimensions are 5" wide and 6" high.

If you want an access door on the end or the top of your enclosure, there is a minimum depth requirement for the cabinet.  It is as follows:


For square cornered enclosures, minimum depth is 7”
For round cornered enclosures, minimum depth is 8”
For mitered corners enclosures, minimum depth is 10”

(There is no minimum depth requirement if your access door is on the front of the enclosure.)

Cost for all access doors is $30.00